Company Privacy Policy



What we have done and put in place



What measures have we put in place to protect the company against Cyber Attacks?

We have Anti-Virus software installed on all computers. Staff have been trained and warned about scam emails and will report any suspicious activity to their line Managers.

What protection do we currently have against people trying to get into our system?

All computers are password protected. We have anti-virus software on all computers. The Wi-Fi passwords are only known by management.  

What protection do we have from people getting into our digital cloud storage?

Our cloud is password protected. Our Management folders are further password protected.

Are customers permitted to use our computer systems?

No. It is now company policy that this does not happen.

How protected are our scanned documents?

Scanned documents including tenancy paperwork is uploaded to secure cloud storage. It is company policy that the individual office computers have their scanned folders cleared down daily.

What are we storing on the cloud and for how long?

Further to advice received from UKALA (The UK Association of Letting Agents) we have agreed to keep all tenancy and landlord paperwork for a period of 6 years after the tenancy or case file was ended. This is to cover any liability where we may have to provide documents in court in the event of a civil case. The ‘Data Protection Officers’ will oversee an annual review and deletion of any old records.

What is stored in public folders and what is stored in closed or management folders?

All documents are stored in closed folders. We have a company cloud and the branches have separate clouds. Management has access to both. Tenancy/tenant info is limited to management and accounts department.

What type of Property Management and Sales Software do we have and how is this protected?

We use a cloud-based software. This is password protected for each individual user. Depending on the staff members position they have different access levels. Passwords are changed every 90 days. For our sales software we also have cloud-based software and this is again password protected.



Is any paperwork permitted to be taken home?

No. This is company policy.

What rules do we have for the storing of hard copy data, including when the paperwork is in use and during the time the office is closed.

All hard copy paperwork, when completed, is scanned onto the cloud and shredded. Whilst not being worked on it is stored in a locked desk or cabinet. Keys for desks and cabinets are put in a private place.


We will only pass necessary data onto direct and necessary parties. They will include the Landlord, Utility Companies, Appointed Referencing Companies, Appointed Contractors for maintenance and Debt Collection Agencies.



What is our procedure when disclosure of data held is made by a current or past client?

We will require the individual to put the request in writing. They will need to prove they are who they say they are. This will involve security questions. We will request an email or written request and we may ask for further proof of address, ID and a telephone number. We will respond within 30 days.



Are we registered with the ICO?



Thank you for everything. The service, professionalism and effort has been above what would be expected. Thank you. Richard & Laura
Mr Richard Price-Deer
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