Meet our New Sales Negotiator Nick Morgan




Your training into the role of sales negotiator. What first attracted you to this job role?


I have always been interested in property, and the idea of finding the ideal home for someone and being a part of their biggest purchase in their lives is something pretty special that I am glad I am now able to do. 


You have been in the role for a few months now. How have you found being part of the Fresh sales team?


The first few months have been great, my colleagues are great to get along with and the atmosphere in both of the offices is really nice. 


Where did you work before you came to Fresh?


I had been working for M&S for several years after my time in university. I began on the front line on the women's wear section so embarrassingly I probably know more about women's clothing than men's. I had a short stint up on the men's wear before ending up with the store operations team where we were responsible for the smooth running of the back stage.  It was a great place to work and I was sad to be leaving, but when this opportunity came up to become a part of the team here it was a chance I wasn't going to let pass by.


Describe a typical day in Fresh and what are the bits you enjoy the most?


Every day is different with meeting new potential buyers and vendors. There's a lot of administration work to keep me busy during the days and testing my organisation skills. The best bit for me is being out and about on viewings. Getting to meet different people from all walks of life and helping them on their journey. 


What are your hobbies outside of work?


Outside of work I try and stay fit and go to the gym a few times a week. In addition I enjoy going for long walks. I used to be really sporty and into my football and rugby which I would love to get back into, but at the moment I'm more of an armchair fan!


What hobby type activity would you love to try?


Something I would like to give a go would be kayaking. From my walks down the beach and seeing people out in the sea in their kayaks has made me want to give it a go.


Who was your favourite singer or group when you were in Comprehensive School and why? 


I've always been a big Michael Buble fan, and this is still the case to this day. 


Who is your favourite singer or group now?


I am pretty open to anything with a decent tune and something I can sing along to. At the minute I'm into more mainstream pop but have recently been listening to a lot of Panic at the Disco. 


Your top three films of all time?


Without a doubt first would be HotRod, second it has to be Step Brothers, and 3rd I would say Shrek. 


Everyone has a talent. What would you say yours is?


A strange one that I'm not sure how I found out I could do or if it's a talent as such, but I am able to touch my nose with my tongue!





Thank you for everything. The service, professionalism and effort has been above what would be expected. Thank you. Richard & Laura
Mr Richard Price-Deer
(Cae Castell, Loughor, Swansea)